From a gardener to a self-employed makeup artist

Image of Lloyd Thabede applying make-up on a client
Lloyd Thabede applying make-up on a client

By Dumisani Hlatswayo

Thembisa’s self-taught beauty makeup artist and entrepreneur, Lloyd Thabede, has a big dream of inspiring other entrepreneurs. Affectionately known Serurubele-Jones by friends, his journey as a makeup artist and MC started many years ago. The 34-year-old go-getter from Mqantsa Section was known for applying his makeup with precision. But also for MCing parties.

“It all started when every time I applied my makeup, I would get compliments. At times my friends would ask for tips. Or maybe ask me to do their makeup for free,” he told The Olifants News. According to Lloyd, at that time, he was still working as a gardener.

Lloyd would later be inspired by the late celebrity stylist Iko Mash. He loved how Iko was doing her makeup with passion. He then realised being a makeup artist was also his passion.

“When I realised I had a passion for makeup, I decided to go to school and completed my diploma in beauty therapy and certificate in Makeup Application. And at first, I didn’t know that I would be a successful makeup artist because of my background at home,” he recalled. Llyod was raised by his grandmother. He never got to know his parents as they passed away when he was still little.

“I didn’t have hope until I got my first job as a gardening boy for some big company in Isando. Then I wanted to change my situation, and it happened that makeup would be my God-given talent. That’s how I enrolled and learned more about it and the beauty industry,” he said.

Image of Lloyd Thabede
Lloyd Thabede

 “It was around 2017/18, just after I completed my diploma when I started doing it professionally. Around that time, I was using my makeup, and I didn’t have a full set of a makeup kit,” he said.

Two years ago, Lloyd received a nomination for Mzansi Art Media Awards as Best Visual Artist and Golden Art Media Awards as the best Creative Artist. He said that showed him that his work had been recognised.

Not all makeup artists have the same skill set. Some specialise in weddings, others in theatre and fashion looks. Lloyd said that he had to be versatile as a makeup artist and look for new beauty trends. He said he loves to do most fashion shows looks and weddings, and he is not about to end there. He is now busy studying effective makeup for theatre and film.

 What sets Lloyd apart from his competitors is his commitment and dedication to providing excellent service. Besides being a make artist, he is also an MC and Program Director. He had previously worked with highly well-respected production companies and fashion designers and rendered nothing but high-quality service. Connect with Lloyd on Facebook Serurubele Artistry, Twitter @Serurubel_jone, or Instagram @serurubelejones

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