Robbery suspect nabbed in Ivory Park

Ivory Park police arrested a 29-year suspect in connection with a robbery took place in Kempton Park. According to a statement issued by the police, the police found an unlicensed firearm and ammunition when they arrested the suspect. 

“The man was arrested at his rented room at Extension Two by a police team comprising of the SAPS’s K9 Unit and the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Officers, who had been following information connected to a business robbery which took place in Kempton Park on Friday,” said the statement.

The police arrested at least six suspects who were allegedly also involved in the robbery. Besides confiscating the firearm, the police also impounded a company car. The suspect keeps mum as to the vehicle’s origin, but this detail will subsequently form part of police investigations into the robbery.

 “His case has been handed over to the Ekurhuleni North’s Trio Task Team detectives who are responsible for all serious cases within the district. The suspects is expected to appear in the Tembisa Magistrate’s Court, after which, it is expected, that he will join others with whom he is alleged to be in cahoots with,” the statement revealed.

 “We thank the officers involved for coming into our area and ridding us of an illegal firearm and an alleged criminal. Hopefully, others like him are taking notes, the important of which is that Ivory Park is not a hideout for criminals,” said Colonel Mpotoane.

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