Donate to help a needy child in Thembisa!

Obedience Mkhabela, Mkhabela Obedience Foundation (MOF) Chairperson shares a smile during toys handover.

By Samkelo Sibiya

Mkhabela Obedience Foundation (MOF) invites everyone to donate to make a difference in a learner’s life. The NPO has launched a back-to-school drive programme, ‘Drop of Hope Initiative’ where anyone is invited to donate towards students’ needs.

The initiative, which kick-started early in January this year, is expected to end in March 2022. The registered NPO urges the community of greater Ekurhuleni to invest in the youth of this country and their education.

 The programme focuses on the learner’s basic needs, mainly sanitary pads and toiletries. As such, MOF solicits your donation to make this goal a reality.

 “Our main focus in this initiative is to donate sanitary packs to young students in both primary and high school, especially those faced with financial challenges of being unable to afford them,” said Obedience Mkhabela, MOF Chairperson.

“These issues are not talked about due to lack of understanding, or low priority of such problems in the face of starvation during this self-isolation period and many struggles that learners have to face,” he adds.

“Your help and support will be highly appreciated by donating any sanitary products that will go towards making a small pack consisting of the following: Packet of sanitary pads, bar soaps, shoe polish, face cloths, roll-on, body deodorants and school shoes, old packs in good conditions are welcomed too,” he continued.

Obedience Mkhabela, Mkhabela Obedience Foundation (MOF) Chairperson urge community to donate and invest towards their children’s future.

“Our biggest need is more shoes and school bags; we have realised that more people have been able to give too much attention towards the sanitary packs. We know that parents would really appreciate seeing their children wear a new pair of shoes or carry a nice clean school bag to school,” said Mkhabela.

“Meanwhile, we would like to thank all parties who supported us during our Christmas lunch at the Tawana Children Community Centre.”

“Special thanks to Dare-To-Care soup kitchen and Hephzibah Family Ministries; we could not have done the lunch without your help. And not to forget Klopperpark resident Glenda Abrahams,” said Mkhabela.

To donate, please reach out to the organization by contacting Obedience at 0737682239 or email at or visit their Facebook page at Mkhabela Obedience Foundation.

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