Meet one of the most versatile artists in Jozi

Adamo Denewado AKA Denwade

Adamo Denewado AKA Denwade is a versatile artist who dabbles in music, modelling and acting. Born in The Democratic Of Congo, Denewade’s family migrated to Joburg when he was only 6 years old.

“Growing up in Joburg was tough. We had to move from house to house,” Denwade tells The Olifants News.  According to Denwade, he was only six when his family relocated to Jozi, and had to adapt to the hustle and bustle of the city.

” Throughout that experience, my talent in music emerged. From a young as of12, I started playing drums in a local church in Berea. That somehow grounded me. And the transition of understanding my spiritual being helped me to deal with my physical being as well,” Denwade recalls.

In 2010, Denwade launched his solo career in music, and since then he never looked back. He started out as a gospel artist and later drifted to other genres as well. He is one artist who likes to have a very open mind about taking influences from multiple genres and styles.

“I try not to box myself in a genre. I started off as a gospel artist, and today I do hip-hop, Afropop, love songs, you name it. I had to think how to infiltrate mainstream music and not sound biased,” he says. Denwade is quick to point out that Jesus preached the gospel beyond the walls of a church, so believes this is the only way to preach the gospel.

He says, “Hiphop is the main vehicle of how I am pushing my music. But I have love songs, Afropop, dancehall, and some R&B,” he continues. Denwade reveals that he is currently working on an afro piano song, and has so far recorded an EP, and one album.

Apart from music, Denwade is an accomplished model and an entrepreneur. He has modeled for brands such as Mercedes Benz, Soviet Clothing, FNB, to name but a few.

Connect with Denwade on Instagram ; @denwade_sa

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