Dj’s career takes off under lockdown

By: Obedience Mkhabela

The outbreak of the coronavirus and the implementation of lockdown inspired a young Dj to take his craft seriously. Thabo Mlaedi AKA SlimGee De is a budding DJ from Thembisa, Mthambeka Section has started his own record label that will be releasing his own music. Mlaedi said he was home during the lockdown where he used to listen to music in his room and watch Dj’s on television doing what they do best.“It was then I was inspired to or influenced rather do something fun since we are on lockdown, being a Dj then came first in my mind because I knew I had deejaying skills and I love music,” said Mlaedi.

Thato Mlaedi with his CD Jay starts his music career inspired under lockdown

“I started a record label, Audio Concept Records (ACR) and released all my music under it, I have three mixtapes released and people are loving them,” he revealed.The young upcoming Deejay has worked with the likes of Nesta, Emnessdj, A-Squad, and Nas Gee. After the release of his third tape, the Audio Concept Vol.3 Mlaedi managed to scoop a radio interview with Voice Of Tembisa Radio station. This has motivated Mlaedi to be versatile in getting the recognition he needs as a Dj and looks forward to making 2021 a year where his music career sets off.

“There are no stages that I performed at but I started creating my own DJ Livestreams on Facebook so that people could recognise and book me on their gigs. As from next year I am looking forward to growing and build myself as a brand and have t-shirts merchandise as well and on the side, I’m planning to release a massive hit single,” he said. While Mlaedi plans to market himself as a brand, he also looks forward to studying and being a self-proclaimed international Dj following on the steps of International DJ’s like Black Coffee.

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