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Tshepo Section-Lebohang Nkoana (29) is an artist who works with a variety of mediums, chiefly fine art, visual and digital. Born and raised in Tembisa in the Tshepo section, Nkoanastarted drawing at a young age.”Art is something that I’ve always had in me. The first glimpse of it was when I was still in primary. I think I was still in grade 3. While everyone was designing a 2D and I came up with a 3D; and that’s how they got to acknowledge my artistry,” Nkoana says.”Formally my work explores the balance between reality vs. abstract and the conception of contemporary art strategies. Through the artistic work I use different mediums, most of it revolves around Painting, Drawing, and Digital,” he says.

Nkoana considers himself as a multi-medium artist and believes that certain thoughts and concepts need a certain mode of representation. “Using only one dimension by limiting the concept to one medium would simply feel wrong to me. I also like to think of the variety of mediums and materials as a metaphor for the issues of cultural hybridity that my work addresses. I see it as my duty as an artist to understand and reflect on-going struggles in our society and ask abstract materialized questions,” he says.”I am certainly drawn to human figures in the raw, especially Body Nudes and Portraits. My paintings are strongly influenced and inspired by the Renaissance Art Movement.

Although my work is of this age and more contemporary, I still draw inspiration from the works of Michelangelo’s life-like sculptures and paintings. Michelangelo was influenced and inspired by ancient Greek and Roman art and was strongly based on Christian themes and depicted human figures from the biblical scenes,” he continues. His work encompasses Michelangelo’s body of work based on human figures and nudes. The composition of his work is more proportional and lifelike. Nkoane has exhibited at Tshwane North College, The Social Market, and Market@The Sherds. The competitions that he has participated in include Sasol Signature and Barclay’s L’atelier.To buy his work Lebohang Nkoana is available on this number 0731856136

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