A wonderful garden in Tembisa

Take a walk or drive along Reverend R.T.J Namane street in Tembisa, your eye will be intrigued by a beautiful garden. The first glimpse of the house is an unusual one. You will expect this kind of a garden in a leafy suburb rather than in a township.”We did this out of sheer love for gardening. My wife and I share this passion.

Everywhere we stayed we had a beautiful garden. Before moving to Tembisa we used to live in Ekangala in Mpumalanga where we also had a beautiful garden like this one,” says SimonMahlangu, a former researcher in Mpumalanga provincial government. Mr. Mahlangu says they have been collecting ornaments and sculptures since 2012. “We started with only two ornaments.

Then we bought tables and other things,” he says according to Mr. Mahlangu, occasionally they take out umbrellas and drinks and sit outside every time they host visitors. Mrs. Mahlangu says gardening isn’t just about making a house look good, it can do wonders to your well-being as well. “I think also for therapy’s sake. It’s very therapeutic gazing at the garden. In a way it has a soothing effect on my soul,” she tells The Olifants News.”We want to try to stop this mentality that a beautiful garden is only meant for the suburbs,” she adds. Mrs. Mahlangu says they want to add trees and some flowers. “We are afraid not to make it clustered.” She passersby occasionally come snap photos in their garden

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