Young Sound Engineer Helps Artists In Tembisa

Meet Dorothy Ntseke (23) and learn more about her career as a sound engineer forMakopkop Stizzy Life, an organization helping artists in Tembisa and other townships. Most people think being a sound engineer and a DJ are one and the same thing. “Being a sound engineer doesn’t make you a DJ. Sound engineering involves working technically with sound. In other words, you operate a sound mix to produce quality sound,” Dorothy explains.”My dream is to open my own company (which I am in the process of doing), to help our industry to sound better,” she continues. Initially, Dorothy’s parents were concerned when she proposed doing a degree in sound engineering. She has since qualified and for the past two years has helped other artists to make a living out of their crafts.

” I joined MaKopkop Stizzy Lifestyle, then teamed up with Tumelo. We had realized that a lot of parents and people out there don’t encourage young people to pursue a career in the arts field,” says Dorothy.”As the Head Of Department, I am responsible for helping each and every department. For example, when we are hosting an event, I would help with sound engineering to connect the sound or do lighting for the stage. I also assist with makeup for models,” she continues. Just like any other profession, sound engineering requires one to market his/her skills. “We publicize our events on social media and invite people to come and join us. But before we can agree to help them we first assess their talent.

But that doesn’t mean we discriminate,” she says.When Dorothy joined MaKopkop Stizzy Lifestyle, she says they were a small group and didn’t have any resources. They have since extended their footprint not to cover only Tembisa but other townships as well.”My advice to young people out there is, if you want to pursue a career in the arts, go for it. Gather as much information as you can. Use Google to inform yourself or ask around. We must also make our parents aware that if we choose to pursue a certain stream in the arts that doesn’t mean we want to waste their money and our time,” Dorothy says. Looking for a sound engineer? Email address:dorothyntseke@gmail.comContact number:0631787849 or follow Instagram:dorothyntseke

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