Clayville’s Ext. 9 Park Gets A Revamp

The recreational park in Clayville Extension 9 is being restored after the local parks team saw the necessity to make it safer and more user-friendly to the community. The municipality is expecting the park to be fully refurbished by April 2017. “We have taken a decision as the municipality to renovate Van Park for recreational activities for the community. We also wanted to make sure that it is safer for the children hence we have created barriers for cars not enter inside” said Shirley Aphane a member of the parks team.
Trucks have already been spotted by residents delivering units at the park this week. There is new paving, new concrete slabs and the grass is well cut. The park is expected to be installed with gym equipment and ploughing of tress. Recreational events will also be organized to keep the community particularly the youth away from crime and substance abuse. “The plan is to have a facility where the community and youth can unwind and be creative staying away from trouble. We have are also improving other parks as well,”said Aphane.
“I am excited about the renovation of the park, the people of Clayville extension 6 will now have a place to chill, exercise and do different sporting codes for their well-being,” said Kgomotso Matji a community member.

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