Your favourite spot for tasty ribs in Thembisa!

Image of a customer dining at JTM
One of JTM customers dining on the restaurant

By Dumisani Hlatswayo

Simple but delicious. That’s how most people love a rack of ribs from JTM.

Tlamatlama section – Restaurants are open again, and JTM is the best spot to celebrate your Valentine’s. Kgabo Makgobjana, the restaurant’s founder, says her love for food was the reason for starting the restaurant. The 28-years-old says her mother was a great cook and managed to teach her a few tricks in the kitchen. Today Kgabo is the proud owner of a small restaurant that serves tasty, tangy, and satisfying ribs. She used her siblings’ initials to develop a name for his business, JTM.

“I don’t have a specific target market, although if you’re a real foodie and enjoy good food, JTM corner is the place to be,” she said. Most people find JTM’S ribs tasty. This is because Kgabo always tries out new recipes, and it keeps the customers coming back for more. Service delivery is also spot on. People enjoy being at JTM’s because they’re guaranteed one thing, good service.

 Five months ago, Kgabo was on the verge of closing down. “I was on the verge of closing down because business was slow, and I wasn’t making as much income. I wouldn’t use the word failed. Although I’ve learned that no matter how tough times may get, never give up and keep pushing for success,” she recalled. On a typical day, Kgabo wakes up and makes sure the business is squeaky clean because she believes that hygiene is essential.

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