Philly’s Games to crown new queen

By Samkelo Sibiya

Miss Philly’s Games pageant to host their annual pageant Sam Hlalele Hall, Thembisa on November 26 where they will crown their new queen. They are famously known for their offseason tournaments of the same name Philly’s Games, and they will be looking forward to new crowning.

According to the organisers, the pageant is a platform designed to encourage and empower young women of Thembisa.

“The soccer tournament has been male-dominated, this is where we get to motivate and build young women, this is the platform dedicated to the development of young women of Thembisa,” said Pauline Mathebula, organizer.

“The Philly’s is a well-grown brand, we have endless opportunities for these young girls once crown, and they get to take over our CSI projects amongst other opportunities.

Ntebogeng Mabusela, the current reigning queen said she was grateful for the opportunity she was rewarded and encouraged the finalists to work hard on their goals.

“When I first entered the pageant I didn’t make it, but I told myself I would return twice prepared and I won the second time around,”
“The is a lot of community projects we get to engage on, though due to covid-19 I feel I was not able to tap into my full potential. I love this community and I have learned a lot from the people of Thembisa just being Miss Philly’s queen,” said Mabusela.

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