Clayville makes a shortlist for Miss Teen SA

By Dumisani Hlatswayo

Clayville’s model Tsakani Makondo has been identified as a front runner for Miss Teen SA. The gorgeous 18-year old said she entered Miss Teenager South Africa because it has always been her childhood dream. “I think I took very long to take the step and enter because I struggled with believing in myself,” she recalled. “My purpose, and what I have to offer to society and the organisation. However, I mustered up the courage and decided to do it, and I don’t think there’s ever been a better time than now,” said Tsakani.

According to Tsakani, our society needs more people who will represent and handle the needs of the youth. “If not me, then who?” she thought. Miss Teen SA platform will help Tsakani immensely in continuing her work with the youth.  “Being a semi-finalist for one of the biggest national pageants is really a huge blessing to me; it speaks for how far I have come in my modeling career, my personal growth, and it is also just the realisation of a lifelong dream,” she said.

“My intention going into this pageant was really to work hard and achieve the best results I can achieve, and I think that’s also what the other contestants are doing as well, working hard. So, if you look at that, aren’t we all deserving? But I think my commitment to working towards the wellbeing of young people in our society makes me a very suitable candidate as my intentions align with the organisations’ mandate,” she added.

“As I said, we all want this, and we are all working hard towards it, but I think what makes me stand out is that I’ve allowed my work towards the wellbeing of young people to become a lifestyle. It’s a long-term commitment for me and does not only rely on my existence in this competition.”

Tsakani thinks she should win this pageant because she understands what the brand stands for. Besides, her work is aligned with the brand’s mandate.

 “I think it would be a great honour to be a part of such an organisation, to represent and to work with the organisation to implement change in those areas that we can,” she said

“I think everyone is unique in their own accord; however, my experiences in life, my ability to learn from those, as well as my ability to implement those lessons in all that I do, makes me unique,” she continued. In the next five years, Tsakani sees herself with a degree in Political Sciences, which she is currently busy studying. She also wishes to enter and perhaps win the Miss South Africa pageant and continue her work with the youth.

Her role model is Zimi Mabunzi, Miss South Africa runner-up. “Her work towards the empowerment of young women in South Africa as seen with her ‘This girl wins’ (TGW) campaign really inspires me,” Tsakani revealed.

“In the sense of duty, if I win this title, I will continue my work with young people, especially unemployed young people, on a much broader scale. I will continue to try and improve the lives of those around me and continue to be a positive influence amongst young people,” she concluded.

You can vote for Tsakani Makondo by making a transaction using the following bank details:

Account name: Miss Teenager South Africa

Account number: 62802947757

Branch code: 251655

Payment reference: MTSA30  Your transaction should equate to the number of votes you wish to cast. 1 vote = R3. When making your transaction, use my code MTSA30 as a payment reference. After making the transaction, send the proof of payment to the following WhatsApp number: 067 222 7216

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