Young film director makes a difference in Thembisa

Ivory Park – Despite the difficulties so many artists are facing due to Covid-19 stringent regulations, we have been overwhelmed by the incredible things artists do to uplift their own communities.  Emmanuel Dodoza (30) is one such artist who is making a difference in Thembisa by transferring his skills to young people . His nonprofit organisation, Heroes Of Tomorrow Academy helps budding scriptwriters, actors, and filmmakers realise their dreams.

Dodoza said: “I saw a need for young people to find something to do, especially when they come from school. In most cases, their parents don’t know where to go to nurture their talents, or let alone, where to start. So I thought, let me start this academy to help young people out. I noticed that most of them are talented but they still need to be developed and prepared for the industry,” he says.

According to Dodoza, the academy focuses on drama, poetry, music, and dancing. Lectures come and teach his students pro bono. As far as age group is concerned, the academy doesn’t discriminate, it accommodates anyone from the age of 14.

“The academy has been running for the past three years. Initially, when I was working full-time, I used to fund it from my own pocket, but right as I am unemployed, we no longer have any funding. We wish someone could sponsor us; we are hoping to partner with the Department Of Arts and Culture,” says Dodoza. Dodoza is a self-taught scriptwriter, producer, and director. While he never received any formal training for his craft, he managed to do well in the film industry. So far he has several films under his belt. One of the critically-acclaimed films that he has produced, Between Two Lovers, was aired by Mzansi Magic. He is planning on releasing two other films in the new year.

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