Have Your Pizza Delivered On Your Doorstep

Most people in the townships still need to travel kilometres to buy a pizza. Roman Pizzas realized this and decided to introduce bikes to deliver pizzas. Most pizza outlets are still not offering delivery services to township residents, use apps such as UberEats don’t offer a service if you’re in Tembisa, or any other township.

David Ndlovu (16) is one of the people who makes sure that people in Clayville and surrounding areas enjoy a tasty pizza. He works for Roman Pizza and uses a bike pulling a trailer to deliver pizzas around Tembisa. Ndlovu who is originally from Mpumalanga province has been living in Tembisa for the past 7 years. At the moment he rents a room where he lives alone.


“I Wake up in the morning, then I order 30 or 50 pizzas then sell them to kasi people,” Ndlovu says. He has been selling pizzas since early this year as soon the lockdown regulations were implemented. He says there are times when he is terrified of being robbed by criminals, but fortunately, he has never been robbed yet.

Ndlovu says on a good day he sells all up to 30 pizzas, while on a bad day he sells a mere 6 pizzas. “If it happens that I don’t sell I need to pay Roman Pizzas and take all the pizzas home,” he reveals. He says next year he wants to go back to school.


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