What are common cancer triggers?

According to the Cancer Association of South Africa CANSA, Cancer is predominantly caused by environmental factors, rather than inherent biological factors. Cancer is still taking many lives in South Africa than TB, Covid-19, or Malaria. At least more 115, 000people are diagnosed with cancer each year.“We encourage annual medical check-ups and cancer screening for early detection, as symptoms don’t always present until cancer has spread. Women need to lead a balanced lifestyle,” says the statement issued by CANSA.

Cutting out lifestyle factors that increase their cancer risk

“Women generally put others first. We want women to realize that they too have the right to prioritize their health. We know that we’re living in unprecedented times with COVID-19 taking centre stage in our lives, however, the cancer risk does not go away due to the pandemic, and women still need to go for regular cancer screening as early detection saves lives, and get to know the early warning signs and symptoms of cancer so that they’re informed and can seek help if needed,” the statement continues. MEN over 40 are also encouraged to go for annual cancer screenings. According to CANSA, the most common type of cancer that is killing men is prostate cancer followed by lung cancer. Mineworkers and smokers are at a higher risk of developing lung cancer. While alcohol is regarded as one of the causes of other cancers in men.

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