Mental Illnesses A Huge Challenge For People

The past months have brought about many challenges, ushering in new and unique dynamics in how people live their lives. While some may be coping well, others continue to suffer in silence–this should not be the case, seek help. Acting Manager of Acute and Chronic Care in the City’s Health and Social Department PatrickMagodzho says this year’s World Mental Health Day, celebrated on 10 October, comes at a time when people’s daily lives have changed considerably, making it paramount for residents not to turn a blind eye on mental health issues.“Untreated mental illness can lead to more serious chronic health problems that may cause instability in one’s daily life. Stigma and shame are often what keeps people from getting help and this is what this month seeks to do, break the stigma,” said Magodzho. He urged those suffering in silence to seek help as Ekurhuleni’s healthcare facilities offer free mental healthcare. All clinics in the City render mental health services at a primary level, which entails the assessment and screening of a patient to identify the ailment. This will be followed by a referral to the secondary mental health service. At the secondary mental health service level, a specialist or mental health experts such as psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists or social workers will assist the patient

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