Tutor Helps Struggling Learners Realise Their Dreams

Ivory Park – Angel Nkosi (25) was inspired by the people in her community to give back to her community. Her NPO, Angel Nkosi Youth Movement helps at least 40 learners struggling with their school subjects.

“The unemployment rate is high and most people are either school dropouts, or they passed matric with marks that don’t grant them entry to a university, or failed matric,” she tells The Olifants News.

Nkosi’s dream was to become a teacher, however today she is an Industrial engineer intern. , “Being an Industrial engineer didn’t stop me from practising teaching, as I was mentoring Leroy Sikhosana (currently in grade 12 at Oracle secondary school ) from 2016,” she says.

Soon after helping Leroy Nkosi reached out to her neighbours who have matric students struggling with their studies. From there she never looked back.

“My primary goal is to ensure that they move from 30% to 65% pass in all subjects,” she reveals.

One of Nkosi’s major challenges is limited resources. She shares: “We don’t have a place of our own. We use one of the kid’s living and dining rooms which limits us.”

” I have a lot of kids that approach me but I cannot help them since I don’t have space to accommodate them. The program is self funded and  I have to use my own money to get certain things. The kids contribute a once off R60 to ensure that they have coffee or snacks during the session. I am the only tutor and sometimes Leroy assists me to attend to the struggling learners and stop focusing on his studies,” Nkosi explains.

From time to time, she deals with learners who are stressed because their results don’t grant them entry to universities. She goes beyond tutoring them and motivates them to change their mindset.

“Some parents don’t offer support to their children and it becomes hard for me to help those kids as their parents discourage them,” she reveals.

“I see the Angel Nkosi Youth Movement reaching out to most schools in Ivory Park and Thembisa,” she adds.

Nkosi needs assistance with getting a place that will allow her to tutor around 40 kids at a time. “I also need funding to ensure that I provide basic resources to the kids to make learning easy for them since most of them have special academic needs,” she reveals.

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