City of Ekurhuleni has issued a warning about scammers posing as fire officials.
“These scammers, armed with a ‘compliance’ form bearing the City’s logo, target schools and Non-Governmental Organisations, the statement begins.

“They indicate that they are tasked to investigate if the school or organisation complies with the City’s fire and safety practices and issue fines of non-compliance,” the statement continues.

The form the scammers present has an account number that they claim the purported fine must be paid into, claiming it belongs to the municipality.

“This scam was brought to the attention of the City and already five cases of fraud have been opened with the SAPS and are now under investigation,”
“The notice form used by the scammers has an incorrect e-mail address, order number and contact number.”

“All official CoE correspondence emails have an ekurhuleni. not a gmail address.
Fraudulent orders are handwritten and don’t have the DEMS/FSS reference number. An official order number is typed and signed by the official inspector as well as the client. In order to comply it must have the contact number 011 999 0193 and the e-mail address.

The correct contact number during working hours for the Executive Manager in charge of the Proactive Section is 011 999 0193.

The offices are located at DEMS Head Quarters, Emergency Services, 3 Hawley Road, Bedfordview,” says the statement.
“Residents must note that members of the emergency services must at all times be in uniform, with a nametag, and drive an official vehicle with City of Ekurhuleni branding. The notice form should be handwritten with the correct email address and contact details of the relevant officer.

Members of the public suspecting they are scammed can contact the Executive Manager Proactive Services, Sandra Du Rand on 011 999 0193 or e-mail Sandra.
Phone 10177 or 011 458 0911

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