Mpumelelo Booi was born and raised in Thembisa. He faced adversities in childhood which includes losing both his parents when he was only 9. “Soccer was the one thing that kept me focused not to worry about my issues at home,” he says. Upon completing his matric at Masiqhakaze Secondary School, he got a scholarship and pursued a career in IT. He currently works as field technician at Fidelity.

“I am also an aspiring entrepreneur; my company Selfie Moments is an outdoor agency that offers outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. We also do indoor activities but only on request,” he says.

Mpumelelo was inspired to start a business of this nature when he and his friend were invited to go hiking. “I could say it was something totally different. It was my first time going hiking. And we were not told what to bring and what to expect,” he recalls. Mpumelelo says when you invite people to go hiking for the first time it is essential to prepare them mentally about what they should expect.

“I’m one of the people who is always looking for opportunities and I also know that being a leader doesn’t mean you know everything. As much as you are willing to take advice you need to take criticism as well,” he says.

He says during lockdown he kept himself busy by enhancing his photography skills with Shaw Academy. “It is not something I’d want to make a career out of,” he says. He also read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

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