Lesibana Molepo is a principal at Olifantsfontein Primary. His school has realised the need for a soccer academy in Olifantsfontein. As a result, Mr. Molepo decided to introduce an under 11 soccer academy that will guide and develop all learners to succeed in a competitive, professional context.

The Olifants spoke to Mr. Molepo about this: “The purpose of the soccer academy is to identify talent and nurture it. In addition, support children until they reach professional level.” Molepo said.

He says the academy will identify talent when children are at primary level up until they reach secondary. “As soon as we see that they are a little bit established we will send them to professional soccer teams such as Orlando Pirates, Mamilodi Sundowns or Kaizer Chiefs,” says Molepo.

As far as gender is concerned, Mr Molepo says they decided to start with the boy’s team but as soon as the academy grows, they will add the girl’s team as well. “We don’t want to be gender specific,” Molepo adds.

Mr Molepo calls for parents to support their children. “Remember we are a school and the school knocks off at 2:00 pm. The training will start after 2:00 pm, we expect parents to arrange transport for children. We will also have tournaments on Saturdays. Parents must come and watch their children.”

Interestingly, learners will be coached by someone who knows how to get results. Letladi Madubanya, former Baroka player is getting the learners into shape, physically and mentally. Madubanya says he decided to offer his services to the school after realising that children from Olifantsfontein struggle to get into soccer academies. “I am just getting these kids into a healthy mind set to get the feel of the ball. We also try to do the after school care for them.”



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